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+1,+2: Humanities & Commerce,
Degree: BA Arabic & Sociology

Education for Both Worlds

We offer a safe education – compendious value based learning for the completion to strive both worlds with balancing for the modern world.

Skill Learning Hubs

We find the passion of student to skill them so as to give a satisfactory lesson thereby excelling them in future under qualified faculties.

Expert Team

Join the community of highly qualified faculties and modern thinking students to get success in you career and spiritual life.

About Our Institution

Zainul Ulama Women's Arts and Shareeath College (ZUWASC)

ZUWASC, acronym of Zainul Ulama Women’s Arts and Shareea’th College, located in Pullipparamba in Chelembra panchayath in Malappuram, established in 11th July 2016.

The institution aims to produce woman scholars expert in Islamic education as well as in modern education.

ZUWASC provides ZAINIYYA programme for girls who passing ZAT, Zuwasc Admission Test and makes them capable of competing challenges facing muslim woman in modern era by furnishing an islamic environment and trains them religious deeds and rituals continuesly throughout the course duration.

Trusted by over 500+ students and parents

All the courses are developed by expert team

Our students come from diffrent parts of the district

Our team is devoted to transforming education

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Zainiyya Shareea'th

Zainiyya Shareea'th

Fiqh, Hadith, Tafsir, Tasawuf, Nahw

Pluse One, Plus Two

Pluse One, Plus Two

Humanities & Commerce



BA Arabic, BA Sociology

Improving Lives Through Learning

By connecting students to the best instructors, ZUWASC is helping individuals reach their goals and pursue their dreams.

ZUWASC Connecting students to the best instructor.

Happy Students
Eco - friendly Campus

Teaching Material

Various materials used to learn through visual or audio perception.

Campus Life

The campus is designed to provide an immersive learning experience to its students.

Spiritual Life

Teaching Islam with all its beauty by providing a campus treasuring the values of Islamic culture.

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